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Zilch Formulas: Your Trusted Premium Herbal Partner Since 2016.

Established in Australia in 2016 by industry leading Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Vivian Tam, Zilch Formulas marries the wisdom of 15+ years of clinical experience with the purity of 100% Chinese Herbal ingredients.

We're dedicated to offering genuine solutions that are truly natural so you can embark on your healing journey with confidence.
Because everyone has the right to feel great.

Zilch Formulas lead with the intention to always do good- to act with authenticity and honesty. This guiding principle is at the core of everything we do.


Results Focused Formulas

At Zilch Formulas, we focus on creating products that actually work.

There are a lot of products available that are “clean and natural”. A closer look often reveals ineffective dosages and ingredients that are far from that. Similarly, so many products promise results but are all smoke and mirrors.
We're here to change this.

Our premium herbal supplements are tried and tested and have been formulated by Dr. VIvian Tam with 15+ years of clinical experience. They don’t just have the right ingredients, but they have also been designed at doses that deliver results.


Genuine in our engagement; transparent with our ingredients.

Authenticity is our core value. We represent this in our business activities and how we communicate with our community. We promise honesty and transparency–no gimmicks here. Our reviews and success stories are unincentivised and always 100% real, no compromises.

We're committed to creating products that reflect these values, so we are truly 100% natural. All our formulations contain only herbal ingredients, and potato starch, making us one of the only brands that are able to achieve such purity.

Zilch Formulas–Nothing to hide.

Premium Quality

We know that often natural supplements are elusive about their ingredients and quality. The Zilch Formulas difference is that after sourcing the highest quality herbal ingredients, our formulas are small-batch made, and our highly specialised extraction process allows us to transform raw herbal ingredients into potent and pure extracts without the use of any additives, chemicals or preservatives.

All Zilch Formulas herbal supplements are listed on the TGA ARTG and manufactured in GMP certified facilities.

Empowerment through education

Zilch Formulas believes in fostering a culture of empowerment that encourages every person to take ownership of their health, to question what we have never stopped to think about, and to unapologetically prioritise their healing.

Our purpose is to support our customers in this by giving them the knowledge and tools to take control of their health, because that’s how real long term change is made.

Follow the Zilch Community and come say hi!

Wellness & compassion for all.

Let's create a world of inclusive wellness that is kind to animals and free of cruelty. We will never test on animals.

Zilch Formulas is proud to support animal welfare charities around the world; we tie our growth to the progression toward a kinder world for animals.
Our contributions help support the amazing rescue efforts of these organisations:
World Animal Protection, Animals Australia, Animals Aid Unlimited India, International Animal Rescue

Dr. Vivian Tam with bottles of Zilch Acne Formula and plant on left side

Meet our founder

Dr. Vivian Tam is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, with a passion for skin-health and wellness and is a highly respected educator and practitioner known for her knowledge and expertise. She has a passion for healing without harm, and believes most in empowering people through education and providing them tools to feel confident on their own health journey.

“When I was younger, I suffered from acne for almost a decade with no luck in finding a real, long term solution. When I started working as a Chinese Doctor at my clinic, I applied my knowledge and started using Chinese herbal medicine as a means to heal my skin. Within weeks my acne started to clear up, and my skin is still clear and healthy today.

This led me to have a special focus on skin in my clinic. Today, I still treat patients every day with acne and skin conditions and nothing is more rewarding than to see how life changing it is when a patient is able to find a real solution after trying everything without success. 

With the impressive success rate, I knew I wanted to be able to help people outside of the clinic-setting and make the formula available to acne sufferers world-wide. What started as a humble Chinese Medicine prescription in-clinic, became the sell-out Zilch Acne Formula that we know today.”

The inspiration behind Zilch Formulas: Let’s not suffer through things we don’t have to.

Zilch Formulas is driven by a desire to make a real change, so people can stop suffering through things unnecessarily. It is all too prevalent that people accept symptoms to be normal, just because they are common. Many people endure these discomforts because they don’t know how to fix it, or they simply are unaware that there are solutions.

Dr. Vivian Tam's approach has always been empowerment through education. “I truly believe that people should learn the tools, and gain knowledge to better their health. This fosters excitement about their wellness journey and promotes long-lasting, real changes.”

So, even if you’re not here to support our brand through the purchase of our products, we’d still love for you to stick around– you never know what life changing information you might take away from being here.

Ready to embark on a life-changing wellness journey with us?

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