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8 reasons to try a natural supplement for acne

8 reasons to try a natural supplement for acne

Why take supplements for acne?

Managing acne can be a frustrating process of trial and error. Particularly if you’re dealing with adult acne in your 20s and beyond. In a market flooded with countless anti-acne washes, treatments and medications, how do you know where to look?

This article is a great place to start. If you’re suffering from painful cystic, hormonal or adult acne, read on. Here are 8 compelling reasons to try a natural acne supplement today.

1. They aren’t harsh or abrasive to the skin

Contrary to popular opinion, angry and inflamed acne-prone skin requires an extra-gentle touch – not harsh, abrasive or moisture-stripping products. Full of detoxifying, soothing and circulation-boosting ingredients, an acne supplement (such as Zilch Acne Formula) gives problem skin all the support it needs.

2. You won’t spread bacteria

Exfoliation is very important for acne-prone skin, which typically has slower skin cell turnover that can contribute to clogged pores. However, most skin experts will advise against aggressive physical scrubbing as this can cause micro-tears, spread bacteria and trigger further breakouts.

3. They won’t cause skin dryness

A common side effect of some anti-acne medications and over-the-counter products is dryness. While this may be a temporary side effect, it can be uncomfortable and result in tight, itchy sensations. An oral acne supplement shouldn't cause dryness, so you can rest assured your skin will be comfortable during your journey to clearer skin.

4. Adult acne needs an inside-out approach

The main benefit of a natural acne supplement is that, unlike many topical treatments which only address active blemishes, it targets the internal triggers of acne. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), heat, toxicity and stagnant blood circulation all contribute to acne. Only an oral supplement like Zilch Acne Formula can address these three factors and help restore balance to the body and skin.

5. It’s an alternative to taking hormones

Women are often prescribed the contraceptive pill to help manage acne. This can certainly help, but taking hormones isn’t for everyone. Some pills may also have unwanted side effects, such as weight gain or loss of libido. These symptoms are not associated with an anti-acne supplement that is free from hormones.

6. Some acne medications can have harsh side effects – a supplement might be a gentler approach.

Anti-acne medications can help clear the skin, but it’s important to know that some may cause temporary side effects such as peeling, dryness and sun sensitivity. With a natural anti-acne supplement, the worst thing you may experience is a lack of results. This is because acne is a very complex skin condition, and different people respond to routines differently.

Before embarking on an anti-acne regime, it’s always a good idea to talk with your GP or healthcare professional about your unique skin concerns.

7. It addresses FUTURE breakouts, not just current blemishes

From the accumulation of oil and debris to an eventual ‘eruption’, pimples take approximately three weeks to appear. This means that if you’re only addressing visible acne, you’re doing very little to stop this process from repeating.

The major benefit of an acne supplement is it takes a holistic, preventative approach –targeting the root causes of acne as well as its symptoms, healing the skin from the inside out.

8. Zilch Acne Formula is 100% chemical free

If a non-toxic lifestyle and clean skincare are important to you, you’ll be relieved to know Zilch Acne Formula contains zero chemicals. The powerful formula contains just 17 Chinese Medicine herbs (plus potato starch), perfectly balanced to support acne-prone skin.

Not convinced an acne supplement can work? View our customer results to see how Zilch Acne Formula is delivering #clearskinconfidence to people around the world.


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